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Artwork by Graphic Designer Maya Drozdz

Tour Packages

Art’s River Crossings – The Ohio River is the true foundation of the wealth of Greater Cincinnati.  With the Tyler Davidson Fountain as a model of ideas that flow, we will look at the history of art and culture on both sides of the river.  This tour will present the artistic partnerships and influences that cross the river and continue to flow today.  This tour series may include up to 3 of the following venues:
Taft Museum of Art
Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center
Cincinnati Art Galleries
Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center

Cincinnati’s Art History – Cincinnati has always celebrated a vibrant art community.  This tour will present this history of support for local artists as well as the welcoming of artists from all over the world to study, live, and work here that continues in our numerous local galleries today.  This tour series may include up to 3 of the following venues:
Taft Museum of Art
Contemporary Art Center
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Weston Art Gallery

Waterways, Railways, Gateways – As a gateway city, Cincinnati’s art and cultural history reflect a natural movement through our cityscape.  This tour looks at art that specifically addresses movement into and around Greater Cincinnati, specifically landscape painting, historical events of migration, and abstract and conceptual notions of the dynamics of Cincinnati life.  This tour series may include up to 3 of the following venues:
Taft Museum of Art
National Underground Freedom Center
Betts House

The Body in Art – This is a well worn subject in the art tours.  From the earliest arts into the present and across the cultures the image of the body is probably the most prominent subject.  This tour looks at the concepts of natural and idealized beauty of the human body, the politicized image, and the body as an art medium.  This tour series may include a museum, a private gallery, a visit to the studio of a local artist, and/or visiting a tattoo artist. 

Artful Tastes – An art historical evaluation and tour or your personal collection.  Would you like to know more about the art you collect and display in your home?  Would you like to share your artful taste with others?  The Cincinnati Art Snob can create a personal tour for your next private party.

Tours by Design – Cincinnati Art Snob is also happy to custom design tours based on any specific theme, medium, style, or art collection in Greater Cincinnati.