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"Kathy Stockman, a tough-minded, no-frills critic, has rapidly evolved her unique blog into a professional platform of newsy updates, thoughtful interviews and critical commentary, the essentia of intelligent visual arts discourse." - A.C. Frabetti, Editor of Aeqai

"I attended a Cincinnati Art Snob Tour recently and I can't say enough good things about the experience.  As someone who has taken art history courses in college, I can attest to the extraordinary insight that Kathy Stockman brings to each piece of art.  You will look at art in a way you never have before, I promise!” - Joby Bowman-Shields, Shields Interior Re-Design, Owner, A Forkable Feast, Director of Catering Sales

"Kathy Stockman is a champion for the voice of the artist. She visited my studio with an open but fully educated mind. I learned as much about my work as she did."- Emil Robinson, Artist

"The Cincinnati Art Snob is Kathy Stockman's vehicle for sharing her highly individual perspective on art reviews, interviews with artists and news coverage in the arts. Both sharply incisive and continually inquisitive, Kathy holds contemporary practices against strong ideals, ready to congratulate or challenge artists, exhibitions and organizations through her analyses." – Matt Morris, Artist, Writer

"People who want to know more about the work of an artist must get inside the mind of the artist to find out what evokes the final outcome of the art. My interview with Kathy allowed the people who appreciate my work learn more about me personally and at the same time attract a new fan base.”  - Cedric Cox, Artist


"I love Kathy Stockman's art tours!  Every time she has offered a tour, I have signed up and I am never disappointed.   Kathy does a great job of selecting art to discuss and then the discussion is outstanding.  She has a great sense of making art accessible and understandable for everyone.  I really loved her ability to set the political and cultural tone of the period in discussing the works and then relating it back to something current to us today.  I always walk away having learned something interesting and I appreciate art so much more now." - Kathleen Cail

"How lucky we are to have Kathy Stockman's blog The Art Snob: I know nowhere else where I can find such a combination of intelligence and wit in the service of the arts." - Daniel Brown

"The Art Snob casts a clear eye on art matters not only in Cincinnati but throughout the region, providing sharply honed opinions as well as the sort of news increasingly hard to find in print today." – Jane Durrell, Cincinnati Art Critic - Independent Art Advisor, Curator, Critic, and Lecturer

"Kathy Stockman's concept of providing an independently organized and guided visual art tour is brilliant! Not only does it fill a serious need for the scores of smaller art venues in Cincinnati, who each are challenged for attracting the public, it also makes gallery-going an 'event activity' which will encourage participation by more people. Cincinnati has a wealth of ongoing visual art offerings, most of which are underfunded and barely known by the larger public. Kathy's tours will serve as a fantastic pollinator between all the large and small arts venues in the region, affecting her participants with a newfound enthusiasm for a proactive discovery of the deeper world of art." - Jason Franz, co-founder and executive director of Manifest